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At Owenico Consult, we work with leaders to guide them in developing deeper social, emotional, and conversational intelligence to bring about healthier, happier, and more productive work environments.

At the individual level, we work with individuals and healthcare professionals to equip them with the complementary social and emotional skills they need to enjoy and navigate their career to the top. We help them overcome barriers to their career progression so that they can strategically advance in their career and build a successful life with great relationships. Experience studies and observations show that unhappiness, anxiety, depression, stress, family breakdown, domestic abuse, suicide, career stagnation, and most of the issues we witness in our world today stem from emotional ignorance. Hence, we are so passionate about what we do. We help organizations become a high trust workplaces where people are happy to connect with and give in their best while being improved. We help develop a culture of trust that creates collaboration, engagement, and unleashes creativity, productivity, commitment, and loyalty. We build workplace culture that attracts and retains best talents in today’s rapidly evolving workplaces, we know that organizations that treat their people better do better.

Key Features

Conflict Resolution

The ability to forgive, make peace, find solutions is a necessity in this rapidly changing and progressive world. Get equipped with the skill to resolve conflicts easier, better and faster


Happiness a state of emotional well-being that a person experiences and every individual is responsible for his or her own happiness. Learn how to take charge of your happiness and take charge of your life.

Career Acceleration

Acquire the skills and strategies to quickly transform your career to the level that you desire.

Better Understanding Of Emotional Intelligence

Understanding your emotions as well as the emotions of others and using that information to manage yourself and your relationships is vital in living a successful life. Learn the skills and competencies of Emotional Intelligence

Productive Relationships

The good life is built on good relationships, hence having productive relationships is paramount. Identify ways to start, grow and enjoy productive relationships

Work Life Balance

Achieve a balance in your work life and family and relationships easier, faster and better.

our CEo

Coach Owen Nwanebu

Owen Nwanebu is a certified executive coach, certified conversational intelligence coach, one of the few persons certified to administer social and emotional intelligence profile (SEIP) one of the most statistically validated Emotional Intelligence assessments and has helped hundreds of persons to transform their lives and relationships, helping them live a happier, more productive and successful life.

Owen Nwanebu is the Host of “Transforming Relationships with Emotional Intelligence” A podcast that is streamed in over 5 continents and available on all podcast streaming platforms. He is also an active speaker on Emotional Intelligence on Clubhouse and he is the founder of as well as


We have put in a lot of time, energy and resources into research, observation and studies to ensure that our solutions are guaranteed to provide you your desired result in record time.

The Power Of Self Confidence

Self-confident individuals possess various qualities that allow them to overcome obstacles and achieve career success. These qualities include resilience, perseverance, adaptability, courage, positive self-image, assertiveness, and self-awareness. By developing these qualities within ourselves, we can become more self-confident and achieve our career goals.

How To Finally Accelerate Your Career As A Nurse Without Imposter Syndrome

Are you a nurse struggling with imposter syndrome and feeling like you’re not good enough to advance your career?
Our eBook, “How to Finally Accelerate Your Career as a Nurse Without Imposter Syndrome,” is here to help.

Our eBook is based on extensive research and provides practical tips and strategies to help you overcome imposter syndrome and accelerate your nursing career.
Don’t let imposter syndrome hold you back from achieving your career goals. Get your copy of “How to Finally Accelerate Your Career as a Nurse Without Imposter Syndrome” today.


Working with Coach Owenico has played a crucial role in my professional growth and has helped me increase my productivity in various ways.

Firstly, he equipped me with new skills and knowledge that I applied to my work. This enabled me to work more efficiently and effectively and also helped me to defeat stress, fatigue and burnout.
This in turn helped me make informed decisions and come up with innovative solutions to challenges that I encounter in my work.

Dr Rebecca – GP

I used to struggle to manage my relationships with others due to poor communication skills, lack of empathy, and inability to connect with others on a deeper level.

However, working with Coach Owenico has helped me master the art of interpersonal relationship management. I have been able to establish strong bonds with others, resolve conflicts in a positive manner, and ultimately lead a  happier and more fulfilled life.

Susan – HR Manager

“Through my journey of self-discovery, I have learned to understand my strengths and weaknesses, my values and beliefs, and my goals and aspirations. This understanding has allowed me to make informed decisions, set realistic expectations for myself, and work towards achieving my goals with purpose and intention”

Princess – Senior Nurse

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