About What we do!

At Owenico Consult, we work with healthcare organisations like the National Health Service (NHS) to guide them in developing leadership that emphasises care for staff and high-quality support services to bring about satisfied, loyal, productive and engaged workforce. At the individual level, we work with leaders in healthcare and healthcare professionals to equip them with the complementary personal qualities they need to enjoy and navigate their career to the top by providing high-quality and compassionate care. We help them overcome barriers to their career progression so that they can strategically advance in their career and build a successful life with great relationships. Experience, studies and observations show that unhappiness, anxiety, depression, stress, family breakdown, domestic abuse, suicide, career stagnation and most of the issues we witness in our world today stem from emotional ignorance hence we are so passionate about what we do. We help organisations create positive leadership where people are happy to connect with and give in their best while being improved. We help develop a culture of trust that creates collaboration, engagement and unleashes creativity, productivity, commitment and loyalty. We build workplace culture that attracts and retains best talents in today’s rapidly evolving workplaces. We know that organisations that treat their people better do better. We believe that organisations that will stand the future are those that value and care for their employees. It’s time to thrive in your career and achieve greater success and satisfaction.

Time to unlock your full potential. Research shows that individuals with higher levels of social and emotional intelligence are more likely to succeed in their careers, build strong relationships with colleagues, and enjoy greater job satisfaction. Develop the skills and strategies needed to communicate effectively, manage your emotions, and navigate complex workplace dynamics with confidence. Investing in your personal qualities now can pay dividends throughout your career, helping you to build stronger professional relationships, make better decisions, and achieve your goals more quickly.

Don’t wait to take the next step in your career journey. Discover the power of intentional growth and development!